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Session 4: Highlights and Panel Discussion

Published 2006

Forth and final session of "Lifting the fog: the scientific method applied to the world trade center disaster" - a one day conference held on November 11, 2006 at the University of California Berkeley Campus. Information about the conference is at

What conclusions can be made about the destruction of the World Trade Center using science, and what are the implications? A ten minute summary from each panel member followed by questions from the audience.

Panel members are:
Jenna Orkin, M.A., J.D., Founder of the World Trade Center Environmental Organization and one of twelve original plaintiffs in class-action lawsuit against the EPA. Orkin contributes to, and her work was recently featured in

Jim Hoffman, M.F.A., Former research scientist, published in Science and Macromolecules for research in polymer physics, and Communications of the ACM for visualization software, and creator of 9-11 Research, the
highest-ranking website
challenging the core tenets of the official story of 9/11.

Steven Jones, Ph.D., former (recently retired) Professor of Physics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and author of numerous peer-reviewed research papers, including Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse? [PDF].

Janette MacKinlay, Visual artist living across from the World Trade Center who witnessed and survived the South Tower's destruction, which blew out the windows of her apartment. Traumatized by the event, she found expression in art and writing, publishing the book Fortunate, a Personal Diary of 9/11.

Paul W. Rea, Ph.D., Researcher/writer, author of Still Seeking the Truth about 9/11. He has taught "The Politics of Age" and "Science, Technology, and Human Values" at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA. Paul is now completing an updated, much-expanded overview of the issues surrounding 9/11.

Moderator is: Peter Phillips, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, Director of Project Censored (with Bridget Thornton and Celeste Vogler), a media research organization which creates annual compilations of the most important censored stories. Phillips recently co-edited Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney.

Run time 1:41:05
Audio/Visual sound, color


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